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If you need a computer repaired or serviced then please contact me. I've been using and repairing computers since before the internet was commonly available so have gained rather a lot of experience over the years.

I'm a sole trader so your computer will get the best of care and I'll keep you updated on a regular basis. I'm told that some companies send your computer away for repair and that it can be weeks before you see it again.

Salisbury Computer Repairs have been established since 2007 and have a strong customer base in and around the South Wiltshire area. We repair all computers using microsoft windows operating systems including windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

We provide a wealth of IT support services for small businesses, Sole traders and home computer users in and around Salisbury.

If you require friendly advice from an established business that's used to sorting out PC problems, please get in contact with us. Our computer repair technician will quickly identify the problems and have your computer running like clock-work.


Top tip: Backup your computer documents and photos today!

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screens are very delicate and easily damaged. Any impact can damage the internal component of the screen and lead to the screen becoming partially or totally un-readable. We are able to carry out laptop screen replacements quickly and efficiently.

Laptop screens have dropped in price lately because of a change in the technology used. Older laptops used to use a form of cathode back-lighting that required an inverter, the inverter was necessary to provide the high AC voltage. Modern laptops use LEDs for the back-lighting and are generally cheaper. 

Virus problems

We also deal with virus problems, infections and virus removal along with any other types of spyware and trojans.

Windows XP support has ended

Now that Windows XP support has ended you will no longer receive any security updates or automatic updates for it. For the sake of security you need to decide whether to upgrade from XP or not. If you decide that it's too expensive to upgrade your old XP computer you could consider using Linux on your computer if you have some knowledge of these things. Why not consider this is an alternative to Windows XP and keep your computer secure

Why does my computer keep turning itself off?

If you have a computer that keeps turning itself off then it may be overheating. Older laptops often overheat if the air intake in the bottom is blocked, especially if it's used in bed and laptop air intake gets blocked by the duvet. They can also overheat due to a build up of dust and fluff on the inside of the fan housing. See my article about overheating laptops or contact me

 We are not able to carry out repairs to Apple products including Macbook Pros and iPads but hope to offer that service in the future

Are you using Windows XP

Support for Microsoft Windows XP has now ceased and you will no longer receive any security updates or automatic updates for it. For more information visit the 

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