Welcome to Salisbury Computer Repairs

If you need a computer repaired or serviced then please contact me. I've been using and repairing computers since before the internet was commonly available so have gained rather a lot of experience over the years.

I'm a sole trader so your computer will get the best of care and I'll keep you updated on a regular basis. I'm told that some companies send your computer away for repair and that it can be weeks before you see it again.

Salisbury Computer Repairs have been established since 2007 and have a strong customer base in and around the South Wiltshire area. We repair all computers using the Microsoft Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

We provide a wealth of IT support services for small businesses, Sole traders and home computer users in and around Salisbury.

If you require friendly advice from an established business that's used to sorting out PC problems, please get in contact with us. Our computer repair technician will quickly identify the problems and have your computer running like clock-work.

Top tip: Backup your computer documents and photos today!

It is not always possible to recover documents and photos from a faulty computer so it is really important to make regular backups. Many people have treasured family photos on their computers and would suffer from PC panic and be very saddened to lose them.

It depends on how important your photos and documents are to you

Data Recovery

If you have a PC or laptop that has ceased to function then I can sometimes recover your important files, documents and treasured photographs. If you bring in a computer or laptop for data recovery please bring an external hard drive or memory stick so that I can copy the recovered data to it.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop screens are very delicate and easily damaged. Any impact can damage the internal component of the screen and lead to the screen becoming partially or totally un-readable. We are able to carry out laptop screen replacements quickly and efficiently.

Laptop screens have dropped in price lately because of a change in the technology used. Older laptops used to use a form of cathode back-lighting that required an inverter, the inverter was necessary to provide the high AC voltage. Modern laptops use LEDs for the back-lighting and are generally cheaper. 

Virus problems and pop-ups

We also deal with virus problems, infections and virus removal along with any other types of spyware and trojans. Many of these computer infections will lead to pop-up adverts as well as diverting you to websites that you don't necessarily see. If you're having this type of trouble then give me a call and I will stop the pop-up adverts for you

Buying a new PC or laptop

I've written a very short guide about buying a new PC or laptop and mention some of the differences between the two types of computer. A guide to buying a new PC or laptop

Macbooks and iPads

We are not able to carry out repairs to Apple products including Macbook Pros and iPads but hope to offer that service in the future



Restricted parking

Please be aware that there is restricted parking in Coldharbour Lane and that traffic wardens often pass by.

Please see the contact page for directions to park at the back of our property.