Some information about Salisbury Computer Repairs and how the business was started back in 2007

I'm Andy, I'm 54 and I've been running Salisbury Computer Repairs for the last 10 years I diagnose and repair desktop computers and laptops on a daily basis and deal with everything from virus infections to software issues. I can also recover data from non functioning computers.

Salisbury Computer Repairs is operated from my home in Coldharbour lane and we can offer free parking on our drive-way at the rear of the house.

All repairs are carried out on site and in the strictest confidence. Your documents will not be accessed unless there is an operational need ie data recovery. I can usually repair your computer within 24-48 hours although this can take a little longer if I have to order parts.

The history of Salisbury Computer Repairs

I've been interested in computers since the early 90s and often used to repair them for friends and neighbours when I lived in Hedge End. They were one of my hobbies and interests at the time but I realised that I could make a living by repairing them.

Before I started living in Salisbury I used to be a BT engineer in Southampton.

I started Salisbury Computer Repairs back in 2007 with the encouragement of my Wife, Christine. We sought the advice of Business Link and, with their help and encouragement, a repair business known as PC Problems was started.

My Wife was a huge driving force in setting up the business. She had her own successful accountancy business in Rhodesia. She was a very experienced accountant who helped me tremendously with the day to day running of the business. Sadly my Wife passed away last year in 2016

I obtained the domain name of shortly afterwards and created the website that you see today. Web design has now become one of my hobbies and interests although I'm not very creative.

If I can help you in any way then please get in touch on 01722 328867 or email

Kind regards,