I repair laptops with cracked and broken screens and can usually source a replacement within 1 or 2 working days. The screens are very fragile and dropping a laptop, especially on a hard surface, will often result in a smashed screen. Another favourite is to leave a pen or memory stick on the keyboard and closing the lid.

Replacing touch screen displays is more involved and is not something that I can carry out at the moment. If you have an Apple Macbook Pro then I can only suggest that you contact an Apple main dealer, we have one in Salisbury at The Old George Mall called Stormfront

How to get your broken laptop screen replaced.

If you need a new screen then please call me on 01722 328867 or email me: info@salisburycomputers.co.uk 

I can then arrange for you to bring your laptop in (address at foot of this page) so that I can order a replacement from my supplier. 

If you're driving in from Whiteparish or Alderbury then I would suggest travelling after 10am to avoid the usual Salisbury traffic gridlock on the A36 Southampton Road

I always prefer to remove the old screen first as I sometimes need the part number that's printed on the rear. If I can get my order in with my supplier by 3pm then a replacement will usually arrive at some point during the next working day. Note: Sat and Sun and not classed as working days by my supplier.

Damage caused by dropping a laptop

Dropping a laptop on a hard surface can often result in damage to the to the metal framework that secures the screen. It can also damage the hinges and this can be serious. 

The screen hinges are secured to the base by knurled nuts (inserts) and these can pull out in the event of an impact. If the hinges feel floppy or are trying to break out from the base or lid then I may be able to repair those as well... Please let me know.

Please get in touch if you're looking for laptop screen repairs or replacement in Salisbury