There comes a time when your old PC or laptop comes to the end of its life and you have to think about buying a new one. I often get asked my opinion about whether to buy a new PC or laptop but it generally boils down to what your computer requirements are.

I've certainly seen a big decline in the amount of desktop computers that come in for repairs over the past few years which is a pity. Desk top computers are generally easier to repair due to the fact that, for the most part, they use generic parts that are easy to obtain. For example, if a computer needs a new graphics card or a cooling fan then they are easy to obtain and fit.

Desktop computers also take up more room at home and are obviously not very portable. On the plus side, they are much easier to upgrade. If you want to upgrade the graphics card, sound card or increase the storage then it's easy to do with reasonably cheap parts that can be bought from any computer shop.

Laptops, on the other hand tend to use very specific parts and it's difficult to upgrade them aside from adding extra memory or fitting a larger hard drive. Please also note that some of the small netbook type laptops don't have a DVD/CD drive although externalDVD/CD drive are fairly cheap to buy.

Of course, laptops have the advantage that they are portable and can easily be used in different parts of your home providing you can get a wi-fi signal. It should be noted that laptops are also fairly fragile, the screens can crack quite easily if abused and the hard drives can don't like it if you knock them too hard.

Laptops are the obvious choice for students that want to take a computer away to university for their studies but they need to be made aware of the fragility that I have already mentioned

Deciding whether to choose  a new laptop or pc?

Now that you know the pros and cons of laptops and desktop computers you may be wondering what other differences there are before you buy a new one. Well, the truth is that there's very little difference, they all perform in the same way although if you want a powerful  computer then you may be better off with a desktop. 

Where to buy your new computer

This is the most asked question and my personal choice would be to check out the range of new PCs and laptops in Waitrose, their address is Churchill Way West, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP2 7TS and their phone number is 01722 329429.

The other possible option for buying a new machine is to look at a company called Novatech who are based in Porchester near Portsmouth. They have a wide range of new PCs and laptops and operate a mail order service. Their website is

Good luck with making your decision !.