I'm getting TalkTalk scam calls every day, the man has an Indian accent and tells me that there's a problem with my router. I realise that this a TalkTalk scam based in India but it so happens that I am a TalkTalk customer.

These computer repair scams have been going on for years but sadly some of my customers have been caught out by these scammers.

I had one of these calls the other day from a chap with a heavy Indian accent. He told me that there were hackers trying to get into my computer. He instructed me to click on the start button and run a search for 'event viewer'.

When I looked at the event viewer log I could see lots of errors and critical warnings. The Indian chap on the phone tried to convince me that these were caused by hackers in my computer. 

Now I know that the event viewer will display an error message for the slightest problem. They are nothing to worry about, all computers using Windows have them and I bet all of them display errors.

The Indian man claiming to be from TalkTalk

The Indian man claiming to be from TalkTalk would have asked me to visit a website called https://www.join.me or infosis.net if I had followed his rather rude and aggressive instructions.

I would have downloaded and installed some software ( often TeamViewer or LogMeIn ) onto my computer. This is legitimate software that allows remote access to a computer.

Had I believed the Indian scammer claiming to be from TalkTalk, I would have given him complete access to my computer including all of my documents and banking information. He could have done whatever he wanted to my computer. He might even have infected it with a virus.

Don't be taken in by these scammers, don't pay them any money and certainly don't let them have your bank account details or credit card information.

If you have been taken in by these Indian scammers, contact your bank straight away for help.

TalkTalk have published a couple of articles about these scam calls:



Don't fall for TalkTalk scam calls

The whole idea of this article is to warn you about the dangers of these scam phone calls. I know of several people who have fallen for these scams and paid money to have their computer 'fixed'.

In one case, a customer had their computer password protected by these computer repair scams from India. Of course he didn't know the password so my customer was locked out of his own computer.

At the end of the day, Microsoft are never going to telephone you or I about hackers trying to access our computers. Please be careful and beware of Indian computer repair scams TalkTalk scam calls