Would you like me to set up a new computer for you in the Salisbury area?. I can set up user accounts and emails as well as transfering all of the documents and photos from your old PC. I can also install new software packages such as Microsoft Office as well as any anti-virus software that you may decide to buy.

Photo and document transfer: One of the first tasks to carry out when setting up a new computer is to transfer the data from the old computer. I would normally copy your documents, photos, downloads and music on to an external hard drive and then connect it to your new computer. I can then copy them across and put them in the correct folders so that you can find them easily. I can also copy them onto a memory stick (or hard drive) so that, in the unlikely event of computer failure, you'll have a copy.

User account set up: If your computer is used by other members of your family then you may decide that you'd like them to have separate accounts. This is straight forward to set up and the accounts can be password protected if desired.

Email account set up: I can set up email accounts on your new computer for you with webmail services such as Gmail.com and Outlook.com. I can also set up email client programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. In the case of email client programs, I will probably need the associated server settings for the email provider although these are usually easily found online. I will need your password in all cases.

Software set up: I can set up any software packages that you might have purchased such as Microsoft Office and any security software. Microsoft Windows 10 does come with its own Windows Defender anti-virus program although you might want to do some research into whether it's as good as other products.

If you already have a subscription to an anti-virus product such as AVG then this should easily be transfered to the new computer. I would normall un-install it from the old computer first to save having problems.You will need to provide me with access to the online account and/or activation key for the product

If you don't want to pay for Microsoft Office then you'll be pleased to know that there are free alternatives available. These alternatives include Apache OpenOffice or Libre Office.