I can provide computer tuition in Salisbury for silver surfers and concentrate on basic training for new home computer users. If you have a Microsoft Windows PC and would like me to teach you how to use it then please get in touch.

It may be that you just want me to set it up for you in which case I'd be more than happy to do so for you. I've been running Salisbury Computer Repairs for ten years and have a lot of experience with PCs and laptops.

If you would like me to enquire about training or setup then please contact me:

Please telephone Me on: 01722 328867 or Email: info@salisburycomputers.co.uk

What are Silver Surfers? According to the dictionary, A silver surfer is an elderly person who is a regular or enthusiastic user of the Internet. To most people it refers to anyone over 50 (I'm 54) that uses the internet... Make of that what you will.

Computer tuition examples

Email Tuition - Would you like me to show you how to configure your email. If you've only recently entered the internet age then this is an extremely useful way of keep in touch with friends and family. I can eith teach you how to setup an email program on your computer or set up the webmail service that's provided by your ISP.

Surfing the Internet - This is quite often the main reason for being online other than keeping in touch with people. There is a whole world of information out there that can be accessed at the click of a mouse. How about accessing the latest world news?. You can catch up with the latest news by looking at the BBC news website or Sky News, it's free !

FaceBook - Facebook is probably one of the most popular social media websites around today and they're a great way of keeping in touch with friends or relatives. Imagine being able to see the latest photos of your grandchildren on holiday or a neighbours wedding. I've been using Facebook for years and can teach you how to use it or just setup an account for you.

Fake Bank emails - It's a sad fact that criminal gangs send out fake emails, known as phishing emails, that try to trick people into visiting bogus online banking websites. These emails will suggest that your online banking is going to be cancelled quickly if you don't act immediately... They will ask you to confirm Log-in details and passwords but, by revealing this information, you could possibly find funds being transferred from your bank account.

Let me show you how to spot these suspicious bank emails and what to look out for.

If you would like me to provide you with some computer tuition in Salisbury then please contact me.