I repair all makes of laptop that use the Windows operating system. I deal with laptops that will not start, laptops that have become very slow as well as those that overheat and shut down. I also deal with virus infections and malware problems such as pop up adverts.

We can also deal with hardware related problems including broken screens and keyboards.

Overheating laptop

Do you have an overheating laptop? Symtoms of an overheating laptop include the laptop switching its self off after a few minutes and refusing to restart untill it's cooled down, the fan running at high speed continuously or just that the laptop is extremely hot all of the time.

Broken Laptop Screen Replacement

Do you have a cracked or broken screen, if so please ring me

If the screen back-light has actually gone faulty then the only real answer is to replace the screen.

Another cause of this laptop screen darkening is when the screen inverter goes wrong. The inverter is a little gadget built into the screen surround that converts a low D.C. voltage from the laptop into a high voltage A.C. supply that's necessary to illuminate the screen's back-light.

 If the inverter is proven to be faulty then they are usually fairly inexpensive to replace.

 On the other hand, screens are more expensive but it still works out a lot cheaper than having to replace a laptop, especially if you have data that needs to be recovered.

If you've accidently dropped your laptop and find that that display on the screen is well lit but totally scrambled then you'll certainly need a new screen panel as they cannot be repaired.

Please contact me if you would like a laptop screen replaced.