SEO is a popular topic at Salisbury Computer repairs with local business customers keen to improve the ranking of their websites, many now realise that local SEO is one of the best ways of marketing their businesses. They are likely to see a higher return of investment (ROI) than employing a digital marketing company.

I also encourage them to promote their websites in local business directories as this is a great way of increasing the visibility of their sites which should lead to more visitors and an increase in revenue.

On page SEO

When I bring up the subject of SEO I often get asked to take a look at their websites to make sure that the important on-page ranking elements are OK.

Occasionally I'll find that the HTML page title is still reading 'Home Page' or that they have missed out the meta description tag. Problems like this are easily resolved as long as they are able to edit the site themselves.

The daft thing about search engine optimisation is that it's not the search engine that we're optimising, it's the websites owned by people who want to rank in the search engines..

Before hiring an SEO consultant

Before you make any decisions, think about what you expect an SEO consultant to do for you.

Are you simply going to tell them that you want to get your website to the top of Google?. Do you want then to simply build links to your website?. A lot of people seem to think that links are the answer but are they?.

I could probably find an overseas SEO company tomorrow who would build a couple of hundred links to your website. Your website may even rise a few places in the SERPs but how long would it stay there?. Far better to do a local search for SEO Salisbury and employ someone closer to home.

All that I'm suggesting is that you find out what SEO consultants do before hiring one.

Salisbury Computer Repairs don't do SEO but if we did, I think we'd be rather good at it.