I can provide a range of computer repair services in Salisbury for home computer users. If you have a really slow computer or even a laptop that won't start then please get in touch. At this time I do not carry out phone repairs or Apple Mac repairs. If you have a problem with an iPad or Macbook then I would suggest contacting Stormfront in The Old George Mall.

Whatever problem you are having with your computer, ring me today on 01722 328867 or email info@salisburycomputers.co.uk

Listed below are the most common computer repair and maintenance services that I deal with.

laptop screens

The screens that are used in laptops and are quite delicate. There is no protective glass covering the screens on main stream laptops as you would find on a tablet. The most common cause of a broken laptop screen is when a laptop gets dropped. Sometimes you can get away with dropping it on a soft surface but more often than not the screen will go.

The second most common cause of a broken laptop screen is closing the lid down whilst there is something like a memory stick or pen on the keyboard. The other cause that I've seen is someone picking the laptop up by it's screen.. too much pressure on the screen & that's that :) This probably explains why this is one of the most common computer problems that I see

Screens cannot be repaired, the screen needs to come out and a new one fitted.

Recycling an old computer

If your computer has come to the end of it's useful life then you may well want to take it to the tip. Eventhough you may have removed all of your personal information, you have only removed the reference to it. and it is still there. Please read this information about how to safely dispose of a computer.

Overheating laptops

This is probably number 2 in my list of most common computer problems. Laptops need a flow of air to keep them from overheating. This air is usually drawn in through a vent in the bottom of the laptop, into the fan housing and then out across some thinly spaced copper fins that form a part of the cooling system. 

In most cases an overheating laptop needs to be completely stripped down so that it can be cleaned out and have new thermal compound applied. Operating a laptop on a soft surface such as a carpet or duvet can block off the air supply and cause it to shut down as well. How to stop your laptop overheating

Virus removal

Please contact me for virus removal if you think that your computer is infected or is behaving strangely.

Malicious software and adverts

Malicious software is any software that causes your computer to act in an unusual way. Whether that is classed as malware, spyware, pop ups or even a virus, it is still malicious. I often get PCs in that have infected browsers that seem to take customers to websites that they wouldn't normally visit. They are also smothered in pop up adverts to the point where it can be very difficult to navigate to the actual website that you want.

Other forms of malicious software can create the false impression that you're computer is infected with a great deal of viruses and make demands for a payment.. Although this isn't one of the most common computer problems that I see, it is still a nuisance.

Data Recovery

If you have a PC or laptop that has ceased to function then I can sometimes recover your important files, documents and treasured photographs. If you bring in a computer or laptop for data recovery please bring an external hard drive or memory stick so that I can copy the recovered data to it.

Talktalk And BT Internet Scam Phone Calls

There are still telephone scams calls taking place where the caller claims to be from Talktalk or BT Internet. Their aim is to convince you of a problem with your computer or router. If they can then they will try to install some software onto your computer which will give them remote access to it. 

Once they have access they could potentially have access to any banking details, passwords etc. They could even disable your computer.. They will also try to convince you to pay them for 'repairing' the fault.. Please beware of Talktalk scam calls

If you are looking for computer repair services in Salisbury then please call me on 01722 328867