You may be wondering why this website is the top result on the Google search engine results pages. Getting to the top of Google search has taken a lot of effort over the past few years so here's how I did it.

Many years ago I discovered that the way to improve the ranking of a website was to make sure that it was properly optimised for the search engines. This is known as search engine optimisation or SEO for short.

This site has been optimised for 4 keywords which are Salisbury, computer, laptop and repair(s). The theory being that if you search for a combination of those keywords then you'll find this website. Any incoming links to this website will also use that combination of keywords as well..

SEO is not a dark art

Search engine optimisation is not some kind of dark art that is reserved for a certain type of company, nor should you think of it as snake oil. The vast majority of SEO is common sense website structuring. It's all very well having a pretty looking website but you need to look 'under the bonnet' so see what's really going on. To get 'under the bonnet' you'll need to look at the source code.

To give you an idea, this is an extract from this page

<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en"  lang="en">
  <meta http-equiv="Content-type"
  <title>Why is this website at the top of google?</title>
  <meta name="description"
 content="You may be wondering why this website is the top result on the Google search engine results pages. Getting Salisbury computer repairs to the tops has taken a lot of effort and here's how">
  <meta name="keywords" content="">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="scrmain.css"
  <meta name="robots" content="index, follow">
  <meta name="viewport"
 content="minimum-scale=1.0, width=device-width">
  <meta name="geo.placename" content="United Kingdom">
  <meta name="geo.position" content="51.074624;-1.804633">
  <meta name="geo.region" content="Salisbury">

If you've purchased some web design software with the intention of creating a website for your small business, you might like to do some reading up about SEO before launching your website.

The chances are that the default title, in the source code, of your newly created website will be 'home' or 'home page'. No one searches for home page so you might like to change it to reflect your business.

SEO tutorial for beginners in search engine optimisation

I've written an SEO tutorial that you might find useful if you're planning to optimise your website

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